Southgate Financial Services ensures that our clients receive a complete finance solution by providing you with the option to include relevant insurance policies within your finance arrangement, to provide peace of mind and protection.

Policies We Offer

Lease Protection
Southgate currently offers the option of Lease Protection Insurance for finance arrangements. This policy allows you to return your vehicle and walk away from the loan if certain unforseen events occur in your life, such as involuntary unemployment or physical disability.Learn more

Extended Warranty
Southgate offers an optional 5 Star Extended Warranty Insurance policy for cars, which allows you to protect yourself against unexpected mechanical repairs throughout your finance term. This policy is designed to replicate the manufacturer or dealer statutory warranty upon its expiry, with some exclusions, for a period of up to 5 years.Learn more

Gap Insurance
Gap Insurance is an option available to you before settlement of your vehicle finance contract. It is designed to cover any potential shortfall between a Comprehensive Insurance payout (made in the event that your vehicle is ‘written off’) and the outstanding balance of the finance contract. You can choose from four different levels of cover.Learn more

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To speak with one of our Consultants (obligation-free) simply call 1300 132 700 or enquire online. We can step you through each insurance option and provide a free quotation.