Extended Warranty Insurance

All of Southgate’s car finance solutions have the option to include 5 Star Extended Warranty provided by ERIC Insurance.

This policy extends the manufacturer or dealer statutory warranty for a period of up to 5 years. This can provide peace of mind by allowing you to avoid unexpected mechanical repairs during the term of your finance arrangement. This policy provides insurance coverage which replicates most of the features contained in a vehicle’s original manufacturer warranty, with the exception of some exclusions listed in the PDS. It may even include additional benefits such as car hire and accommodation which may not be included with your original warranty. It is also transferable to the new owner upon the prviate sale of your vehicle.

Key Features

  • Range of policy options to suit your individual driving pattern
  • Extension of Manufacturer's Warranty*
  • Other benefits include accommodation, towing and car hire
  • Transferable upon private sale
Key Features Benefits Important Conditions
Extension of Manufacturer's Warranty* Rest assured that major unexpected mechanical failures can be covered for the full term of your finance arrangement. *Covers all components originally covered by the manufacturer’s warranty with only minor exclusions (such as paintwork, wear and tear, exhausts etc) See PDS for full details.
Unlimited Claims** No need to be concerned about multiple mechanical failures. **Individual claims only limited by Market Value and total claims limited by purchase price of vehicle.
Choice of Coverage Choice of extension term of 1-5 years. Coverage ends upon expiry of your chosen coverage term including up to 200,000kms.
Additional Extras Included Towing, accommodation and car hire are all included in the event you have a claim accepted for Mechanical Breakdown under this policy. Eligibility, conditions and maximum costs of towing, accommodation and car hire are as detailed in the PDS.
Locksmith Cover Covers up to $100 for services of a professional locksmith in certain circumstances during policy cover period. Eligibility, conditions and maximum costs are detailed in the PDS.
Total Loss Expenses Covers certain expenses in the event your vehicle is declared a Total Loss write off during the policy cover period. Eligibility, conditions and maximum costs are detailed in the PDS.
Quality Repair Guarantee All repairs are covered for the life of the policy cover period regardless of repairer's own guarantee. Applies to covered authorised repair components only.
Transferable on Private Sale Being able to sell your vehicle privately whilst covered by a warranty adds value if you decide to sell your vehicle at end of finance arrangement. Not transferable when you trade in your vehicle or sell to a dealership. Conditions are detailed in the PDS.

Please view our combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)/Financial Services Guide (FSG). You should read the FSG because it contains important information about our authority to sell insurance products on behalf of the insurer. You should carefully read the PDS because it will help you make an informed decision about whether the policy meets your needs and provides the desired cover.