At Southgate, we pride ourselves on creating a positive working environment that fosters a culture of organisational learning and career development. Our core philosophies extend throughout all aspects of our business, providing employees with a wealth of training, experience and valued relationships with each other and our existing client base.

We value each individual’s contribution to the company and generously reward staff based on both customer service and sales based KPIs. We ensure that sales performance never comes at the cost of our integrity or customer service commitment. Our staff take pride in the honest, efficient and superior level of delivery across our financial services, as we constantly strive to meet our service goals and provide individually-tailored solutions.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Proactive Philosophy
  • Commitment to High Quality Customer Service
  • Providing Whole-of-Life-Value in Our Services
  • Ongoing Development and Innovation

Our philosophy and our core values define our business and we welcome you to apply for a position within our team if you share these same beliefs.

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